Becas y Beneficios

The University has established within its policies of benefit, a system of scholarships and credits, in order to help in problems such as payment fees, food, residence, texts and study materials, among others. 

Excellence Awards

As a way of rewarding the academic excellence, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile grants to its undergradute students partial or total exemptions from the anual fee, such as:

  • Padre Hurtado award for free studies.
  • Academic excellence Académica Monseñor Joaquín Larraín Gandarillas.
  • Monseñor Casanueva award.
  • Academic excellence award (Honor scholarship)

  • Academic excellence (BEA)
  • Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez scholarship
  • UC scholarship for complete the reference fee.
As an additonal option, the students might choose alternatives as Corfo credits for undergraduate students, Santander bank credits and bank credits in general.

We invite you to inform yourself about all the benefits that offer our University and the Ministry.

As a way of rewarding the academic excellence of the students of mathematics, additionally the Faculty of Mathematics grants its students the following scholarships:
  • Rolando Chuaqui scholarship:
    The Rolando Chuaqui Scholarship, which has been named in honor of the last Dean of the Faculty, is a prize for academic excellence of undergraduate students of the Bachelor of Mathematics or Statistics program that accredit excellent academic performance upon entry to the University or during its stay in it, this scholarship is granted regardless of the socioeconomic status of the student and consists of an exemption of % of the value of the annual fee and its designation is made annually.
  • Scholarship to academic merit
    The scholarship to academic merit is assigned since the year 2013 to those students that independent of the socioeconomic status or PSU score, they shows to have mathematical talent, through its participation in the Mathematical Reasoning course, Penta UC, or outstanding participation in Olympics or Mathematics Championships. 

The Students Center of mathematics together with the Faculty of Mathematics and its teachers, support the students of the Faculty through various activities, one of the main ones is the assignation of a food scholarship:
  • Food Scholarship Center for Mathematical Students (CAM):
    It consist in of daily vouchers that can be exachange for lunchs and meals in general.
  • Scholarships and benefits for postgraduate students in Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics
  • Scholarships and benefits for postgraduate students in Statistics of the Faculty of Mathematics