Gueorgui Dimitrov Raykov -

Doctor en Matemáticas, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria, 1987..
Profesor Titular. Departamento de Matemática.
Oficina 241.
Teléfono 23544917.

Publicaciones Seleccionadas

Bony, J., Bruneau, V., Raikov, G. 2014. Counting Function Of Characteristic Values And Magnetic Resonances. Communications In Partial Differential Equations, 39(2):274-305.
Pushnitski, A., Raikov, G., Villegas, C. 2013. Asymptotic Density Of Eigenvalue Clusters For The Perturbed Landau Hamiltonian. Communications In Mathematical Physics, 320(2):425-453.
Raikov, G., Warzel , S. 2002. Quasi-Classical Versus Non-Classical Spectral Asymptotics For Magnetic Schrödinger Operators With Decreasing Electric Potentials. Reviews In Mathematical Physics, 14(10):1-22.
Raikov, G. 1992. Eigenvalue Asymptotics For The Schrödinger Operator With Perturbed Periodic Potential. Inventiones Mathematicae, 110(1):75-93.
Raikov, G. 1991. The Spectrum Of a Linear Magnetohydrodynamic Model With Cylindrical Symmetry. Archive For Rational Mechanics And Analysis, 116(2):161-198.


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