Hector Pasten

My full name is Héctor H. Pastén Vásquez, but I sign my papers as Hector Pasten.

Hector Pasten

Associate Professor at the Mathematics Department, PUC Chile.
Previously, I was a Benjamin Peirce Assistant Professor at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA; 2014-2018) and a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ; 2015-2016).

My main research area is Number Theory. I am also interested in its connections with Algebraic Geometry, Complex Analysis, Non-Archimedian Analysis, and Mathematical Logic.





Jerson Caro (2019-2022)
Matias Alvarado (2020-2023)

Rocio Sepulveda (2023-2024)
Benjamin Barrios (2022-2023)
Eliezer Fuentes (2020-2021)

Jose Cuevas (2023)
Rocio Sepulveda (2022)
Felipe Hernandez (2022)
Benjamin Barrios (2021)
Jose Esparza (2019)
Eliezer Fuentes (2019)

Arithmetic Geometry group at PUC: Presentation.

Number theory seminars at PUC:
Undegraduate level: Number Theory Seminar.
Graduate level: Learning seminar on arithmetic.
Research level: Santiago Number Theory and Algebra Seminar.

Previously, I organized the Number Theory Seminar at Harvard during the years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.