Departamento de Matemática

The Department of Mathematics is part of the Faculty of Mathematics UC and is located on the San Joaquin campus. This institution is recognized at national level as well as international level for its outstanding work in research, teaching and extension.

The Department of Mathematics has an academic staff of 29 professors dedicated to research and teachingand 10 members dedicated exclusively to teaching. Of these, 36 has doctor degree in mathematics and 3 the degree of master. Teaching is supported by part-time assistant professors. Additionally, there are 11 postdocs.

The research tasks of the Department of Mathematics include the areas of: Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Dynamic Systems, Geometry, Numerical Analysis and Partial Derivative Equations. The researchers of the department have about 80 annual publications in prestigious journals and are in charge of approximately 15 research projects, mainly Fondecyt, Anillo and Milenio projects. There are numerous weekly seminars that enrich the academic environment of our faculty.

The Deparment of Mathematics offers the bachelor in mathematics programm partially joint with the programm of bachelor in statistics; master and doctorade in mathematics. Our programs have around 170 students (some of them in conjunction with the undergraduate program in Statistics), among which there is a high percentage of national PSU scores and scholarships for academic excellence.

Additionally, our department annually dictates around 350 mathematics courses, aimed at approximately 15,000 students of the Pontificia Universidad Católica. In addition, it offers numerous activities of diagnosis, accompaniment and leveling. Among the activities of Extension it highlights the Workshop of Mathematical Reasoning, Explora, courses and diplomas for teachers of basic and secondary education.