Magíster en Medición y Evaluación de Programas Educacionales

The Master in Measurement and Evaluation of Educational Programs (MEPE) is a joint proposal between the Faculties of Social Sciences, Education and Mathematics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which aims to provide advanced knowledge for design, development, analysis, management and communication of results of educational measurement and evaluation processes.
The Faculty of Mathematics, through its Department of Statistics, has among its lines of research the Psychometric and Educational Measurement, which deals with the modeling and analysis of data originated in the context of educational measurement. Among the specific problems that are studied, there are models with measurement errors, the guessing effect in multiple-choice questions, the comparability of measurements (equating), the treatment of missing data and the use of value-added models to evaluate the effectiveness of schools and teachers. The foundation of these developments is found in Item Response Theory (IRT) and hierarchical linear models or multilevel models (HLM).
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