Christian Hermann Sadel

Doktor der Naturwissenschaften,Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2009.
Profesor Asistente. Departamento de Matemática.
Oficina 237.
Teléfono 23544878.


Mis estaciones de carrera académica:

Carrera Académica

05.2016 -

Professor Asistente a Pontificia Catolica Universidad de Chile

05.2014 - 05.2016

IST Fellow de Institute of Sience and Technology, Austria

08.2012 - 05.2014

Postdoctoral and Teaching Fellow de departamento Matematicas de U.B.C. Vancouver

09.2009 - 07.2012

Visiting assistant professor de departamento Matematicas de U.C. Irvine .



titulo doctorado Dr. rer. nat. (Dr. sciencias naturales), obtenido a Friedrich-Alexander Universidad de Erlangen-Nürnberg en Alemaña
Thesis: Analysis of random matrix actions related to random operators in quantum physics.

Áreas de Investigación

Teoría de operadores de Schrödinger, aleatorios y quasi-periodicos y sistemas dinámicos relacionados 

Publicaciones Seleccionadas

Sadel, C. 2016. Anderson Transition At Two-Dimensional Volume Growth On Antitrees And Spectral Theory For Operators With One Propagating Channel. Annales Henri Poincaré, 17(7):1631-1675.
Sadel, C., Virag, B. 2016. A Central Limit Theorem For Products Of Random Matrices And Goe Statistics For The Anderson Model On Long Boxes. Communications In Mathematical Physics, 343(3):881-919.
Sadel, C. 2015. A Herman-Avila-Bochi Formula For Higher Dimensional Pseudo-Unitary And Hermitian- Symplectic Cocycles. Ergodic Theory And Dynamical Systems, 35(1):1582-1591.
Avila, A., Jitomirskaya, ., Sadel, C. 2014. Complex One-Frequency Cocycles. Journal Of The European Mathematical Society, 16(9):1915-1935.
Sadel, C. 2013. Absolutely Continuous Spectrum For Random Schrödinger Operators On Tree-Strips Of Finite Cone Type. Annales Henri Poincaré, 14(4):737-773.

PrePublicaciones Seleccionadas

Sadel, C., Spectral Theory Of One-Channel Operators And Application To Absolutely Continuous Spectrum For Anderson Type Models

Cursos Seleccionados

MPG3101 Análisis II 2017 2'
MAT2225 Teoría de Números 2016 2'
MAT2545 Topología 2017 1'