Mario Andrés Ponce Acevedo

Doctor en Matemáticas, Université Paris Sud (Orsay), France, 2007..
Profesor Asociado. Departamento de Matemática.
Oficina Decanato.
Teléfono 23544504.

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Publicaciones Seleccionadas

Bochi, Jairo; Iommi, Godofredo; Ponce, Mario, The scaling mean and a Law of Large Permanents, Advances in Mathematics, vol.292:374-409,2016.

Ponce, Mario, Hyperbolization of cocycles by isometries of the Euclidean space, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems , vol.34:628-646,2014.

Ponce, Mario; Santibáñez, Patricio, On equidistant sets and generalized conics: the old and the new, American Mathematical Monthly , vol.121:18-32,2014.

Navas, Andrés; Ponce, Mario, A Livšic type theorem for germs of analytic diffeomorphisms, Nonlinearity , vol.26:297-305,2013.

Coronel, Daniel; Navas, Andrés; Ponce, Mario, On bounded cocycles of isometries over minimal dynamics, Journal of Modern Dynamics , vol.7:45-74,2013.

Ponce, M., Naishul's theorem for fibered holomorphic maps, Mathematische Zeitschrift , vol.271:867-875,2012.

Ponce, Mario, Towards a semi-local study of parabolic invariant curves for fibered holomorphic maps, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, vol.32:2056-2070,2012.

Ponce, M., Fibred quadratic polynomials can admit two attacting invariant curves, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol.139(1214):1467-1468,2011.

Ponce, M., On the persistence of invariant curves for smooth fibred holomorphic dynamics, Bulletin de la SocieteMathematique de France, vol.138(1117):153-180,2010.

Ponce, M., On the persistence of invariant curves for fibered holomorphic transformations, Communications in Mathematical Physics, vol.289(1036):01-44,2009.

Ponce, M., Local dynamics for fibred holomorphic transformations, Nonlinearity, vol.20(869):2939-2955,2007.

Proyectos Seleccionados

On The Reducibility Of Cocycles And Dynamical Properties Of Skew-Product Maps. Ponce, Mario. Fondecyt Regular, 2014

From One To Higher (But Low) Dimensional Dynamics: The Skew Product Way. Ponce A., Mario. Fondecyt Iniciación, 2009

Fibered Holomorphic Dynamics. Ponce A., Mario; Kiwi, Jan. Fondecyt Postdoctorado, 2008

Cursos Seleccionados

MAT2086 Taller de Matemática (Cpc) 2016 2'
MAT2098 Taller de Proyectos Para la Matemática Escolar 2016 2'

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